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Meinssen Handmade Rosaries
Overview of the Rosary Catalogue
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Click to view the 6mm rosary gallery
Click to view the 6mm rosary gallery

6mm Bead Rosaries

Beautiful small bead sets.

Do you prefer a smaller rosary? Fluid drape and easy portability in masculine and feminine styles.

Many mineral types are at their most beautiful in this size, so don't pass these by without a look!

Click to view the 8mm rosary gallery
Click to view the 8mm rosary gallery

8mm Bead Rosaries

For men & women

8mm beads allow easy hand movement along the rosary during prayer.

Wonderfully weighty rosary sets, featuring high quality genuine stones, strong construction and special cap or ring embellishments.

Click to view the devotional chaplets gallery
Click to view the devotional chaplets gallery

Devotional Chaplets

Special bead configurations

Chaplets of devotion to specific Saints. These sets are of differing lengths and complexities, based upon traditional devotional bead configurations.

Chaplet prayers may be found in our Library Section. Please see the Library Overview page for more information.

Click to view the tenners gallery
Click to view the tenners gallery

Single Decade Rosaries

Pray throughout the day!

The single decade rosary, also called a tenner or pocket rosary, is prayed in the same manner as the full 5-decade rosary. The single decade is used to count prayers 5 times for a full rosary each day.

Tenners are available in both open (linear) styles and closed (loop) styles.

Sharing St. Jude

Navigate to chaplet prayers

This section is under development now.

As library pages are created for MHR chaplets offered for sale, they will

be listed and linked here for easy intra-site navigation. This will help you explore the meaning,

configuration, and method of prayer of a chaplet you are considering for purchase.

A note about our metals

Gold filled wire, findings, beads, crucifixes and centers are made with a thin sheet of gold or silver bonded

to an inner core of base metal (often copper or brass). Filled parts, especially gold, are much more expensive than standard plated (that is, electroplated over base metal), but less expensive than solid precious metals.

Gold filled is considered a jewelry grade material, where base plated is not.

Bali vermeil beads and bead caps are made with a heavy (standardized) layer of

18k or 24k gold plated over solid Sterling silver. These are high quality, precious metal parts.

Bronze caps and chain are, in general, an antique plated finish over solid brass or steel.

One exception are Bali cast bronze bead caps and connectors, which are solid bronze. Some chain

and caps are true vintage with natural patina, not plated.

All metals used are specified in each item's detail page, so that you know exactly what you're buying.

A note about our beads
Comparative bead sizes

A side-by-side look at bead sizes as they scale up from 6mm to12mm,

and how they approximately relate in size to an American penny (19mm diameter).

A 6mm bead is approximately the size of a petite baby pea.

An 8mm bead is about the size of a nice plump, mature pea.

Looking at bead sizes as they stand alone may fool your eye a little. An 8mm round bead rosary

is plenty big, even for men. A rosary with all 12mm round beads would be very large and heavy.

10mm through 12mm beads are best used with shaped beads, like barrels, rondelles and teardrops, which

shave off some of the diameter or length and make the rosary much less cumbersome.

Comparative bead size chart.

Through the Rosary the faithful receive abundant grace,

as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer. 

~ Pope John Paul II ~

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